December 17, 2017

Top MPA Programs in California

Top MPA Programs in California

Students looking to pursue a Master of Public Administration degree should consider the top MPA programs in California. MPA programs prepare individuals to pursue leadership and higher level positions in public administration in a variety of organizations. The degree is interdisciplinary and covers a wide range of topics related to the public sector.


Details about the Top MPA Programs in California

Examples of Top MPA Programs in California include the University of Southern California, California American University, and San Francisco State University. The MPA degree program at the University of Southern California is one of the oldest and most distinguished MPA programs in the U.S. The program is offered full-time for two years or part-time for three years. The master’s in public administration program at California American University is intended for working adult professionals. The program requires at least 60-quarter units including 12 required core courses and three elective courses. San Francisco State University’s MPA program requires 39 to 43 units including foundation courses, electives, an internship, and culminating experience. San Francisco State University also offers a variety of related undergraduate majors. In addition to the campus-based programs, there are various Online California MPA Programs.

Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Online Options for The Top MPA Programs in California

California offers state-funded financial aid programs to assist students in paying for the cost of tuition and other related expenses of pursuing higher education. The Cal Grant A and Cal Grant B are examples of state aid programs. In addition to state and federal financial aid programs, scholarships are available for students enrolled in the top California MPA Programs like the Robert Odell Scholarship and the Herman J. McKenzie Memorial Scholarship Fund. Many of the best MPA Programs in California offer accredited online public administration degrees. California State University Dominguez Hill offers one of the top MPA Programs online. Its Masters of Public Administration program enables students to complete all courses online while maintaining career obligations. It is open to full and part-time students. It requires 36 units including 27 units of core courses and nine units of electives. The top MPA programs in California are excellent options for those wanting to pursue a graduate degree in public administration.